Russian gas bails out Europe

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President Putin is keen to sell more gas to Europe but high prices still inevitable.

Russia President Vladimir Putin appeared to calm the market after gas prices had risen by 37% in 24 hours to trade at 400p per therm on Wednesday. UK gas was 60p per therm at the start of the year, but high global demand and reduced supply have driven prices up. The high cost of wholesale gas has seen several UK energy firms collapse and halted production across industries. Following Mr Putin’s comments on supplies, gas prices dropped to about 257p a therm later on Wednesday. Once again, the hapless consumer is paying the price for the greed of others. However, consumers have been paying more for their energy than they should have for many years.

Secret Commissions

If you or your business swapped energy suppliers, especially by using a broker, there is a very good chance that the broker received a payment from the energy supplier for introducing you as a new customer. If you were told about this commission then fine, however, most of us knew nothing about it and these secret commissions were paid by your energy costing you more. That sounds unfair and it is. You can go back 12 years to investigate whether you were a victim of hidden commissions and you can claim it all back. The Energy Commission claims team are bringing this scandal to light helping thousands of people with these claims. We have been dealing with claims ranging from £2000 to £150,00, if you have more questions about your potential business energy misselling claim, you can contact one of our expert team members. We would be more than happy to help.

How can I make a claim?

Many of the questions we get asked are often covered on our FAQs page. If you have a question that isn’t there, please get in touch. If you simply want to see if you are eligible to claim. Please fill out form on our Start Your Claim page and one of the team will be right back in touch.