Has your business been paying over the odds for its energy?

If you used an energy broker, you may be unknowingly paying higher rates. If so, the team at Energy Commission Claims are on hand to help.
Find out today, for FREE, if you are paying through the roof for your energy. Our team can tell you whether you are eligible to claim and what that might mean for your business and the energy contract moving forward.

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Do you really know how much you are paying for energy?

Business energy rates increase every year, and most of us simply accept the increases. Most brokers will tell you how it is, just the state of the market currently (with wholesale rates rising). They will assure you that you have got the best deal around and sign you on for another extension.

Business owners tend to take this at face value, but how much of what your broker is telling you is the truth? You may be in for a shock.

Energy brokers and consultants, known as third-party intermediaries (TPIs) help businesses by offering a range of gas and electricity contracts from energy suppliers. They should, in theory, always act in the best interests of their client, your business.

However, many brokers make deceptive statements about how they are paid and why they are recommending certain suppliers. A broker will usually be acting with their own financial motives in mind, not trying to save you money. It’s also likely they are being paid a hidden commission which is added onto your bill each month, without informing you how or why. This is mis-selling.

How can Energy Commission Claims help?

Third-party intermediaries have been commonplace in the energy market for a while now, meaning thousands of UK companies are currently paying over the odds for their business energy. However, people are unaware that this market is completely unregulated, and that the mis-selling scandal is vast.

The team behind Energy Commission Claims are bringing this scandal to light in the UK. Our legal team are helping businesses across the country by fighting back against brokers and energy suppliers, helping companies exit expensive contracts and claim compensation for their troubles.

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What does business energy mis-selling look like?

Many people believe they have the best possible rate for their business and cannot understand how or where they might have been mis-sold. This is because the crafty brokers conceal the mis-selling within the actual monthly energy bill, rather than a one-off, easily spotted commission fee.

In the example below, a broker will have told a company that 14p per kWh is a great price. What the company doesn’t see is that the energy supplier is actually only charging 12p per kWh, and 2p per kWh is going to the broker every month. To put this into context, on a one year contract and an annual consumption of 290,000 units, the broker will have claimed £5,800 in commission:

How much can my business claim?

How much your company could claim in mis-sold energy compensation is all dependent on:

  • How much your current energy contract is
  • How much commission the broker has taken
  • How long you have been in the contract

Businesses in the UK are claiming anything from between £2,000 - £150,000 in energy business mis-selling compensation.

Our team will be able to go through your contract and determine whether there is any mis-selling, and if so, how much you might be able to claim. This will all be explained in plain English, with no other hidden surprises along the way.





What does a successful mis-sold energy claim look like?

If our mis-selling team are successful with your claim, you can:

  • Claim compensation for the mis-selling of the contract
  • Legally have your contracts ended
  • Reduce the contract rates

You will also have peace of mind knowing that you are no longer paying sky high rates for your business energy. We understand that even the smallest of wins can mean so much for many businesses.

No Win, No Fee Energy Commission Claims

At Energy Commission Claims we believe everyone deserves justice. This is why we take on all of our hidden commission energy claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. This can also be called a Conditional Fee Agreement, and means that in the unlikely scenario your case isn’t successful, you will have nothing to pay.

Our team can discuss this in more depth when we talk during your free initial consultation.

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